Stretching Kit

R 420.00

This is the perfect starter kit if you want to start stretching your ears. With this kit you can stretch up to 10mm/00g. It is made out of stainless steel which is a lot healthier for your ears compared to acrylic tapers.

This kit includes:

1 x 15ml Ear Balm

2 x 1.6mm/14G Tapers, 2 x 1.6mm/14G Tunnels

2 x 2mm/12G Tapers, 2 x 2mm/12G Tunnels

2 x 2.5mm/10G Tapers, 2 x 2.5mm/10G Tunnels

2 x 3mm/8G Tapers, 2 x 3mm/8G Tunnels

2 x 4mm/6G Tapers, 2 x 4mm/6G Tunnels

2 x 5mm/4G Tapers, 2 x 5mm/4G Tunnels

2 x 6mm/2G Tapers, 2 x 6mm/2G Tunnels

2 x 8mm /0G Tapers, 2 x 8mm/0G Tunnels

2 x 10mm/00G Tapers, 2 x 10mm/00G Tunnels